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Solar Panels

We may have accomplished something nearly as phenomenal as we had when we learned to harness fire itself to forge everything we have built in history, when we developed the technology to tap the power of the sun glowing over all mankind everyday. The Photo-Voltaic cells, lined up in panels (solar panels) to grasp and store solar energy as electrical energy, after conversion, is the answer to our quest for alternate sources of energy, that is conventionally generated using coal and fossil fuels.

In the league of active solar technology, solar panels are apparatus that collects energy through absorption of heat and light from the sun and converts it into electricity. It is then stored in PV cells to be made available for use when needed.

Replacing the fossil fuels, solar chemical process is a better source for such energy that is storable and portable. Solar panels presents the best alternative mechanism to generate non- polluting energy that is devoid of effects of Greenhouse gases like the ones created by fossil fuels. A home solar panel system has many solar panels, an inverter, a battery, a charge regulator, wiring, and support materials. Sunlight absorbed by the solar panels is converted to electricity by the system. The electricity stored in the battery can later be used. When direct sunlight is not available to harness, like on cloudy days or after sunset, the stored energy in batteries can be used.

The applications of solar panel technology is widely found in solar lighting, solar heating systems, solar traffic lighting and solar powered irrigation systems, just to mention a few.

ReEnergy uses only best equipment from top-rated solar panels manufacturers. We have done the teamwork for you and have selected solar panels for home that offer a combination of high performance and high quality. ReEnergy engineers will recommend the optimal different sizes of solar panels, taking into account your local weather, roof space, architectural and energy-production needs.

ReEnergy is proud to offer the proven solar panel technologies with demonstrated long term field reliability and a high energy yield across a wide range of climatic conditions, including low light and high temperatures. This means that the solar panels operate efficiently during the hot afternoon when you can sell electricity back to the utility company at high rates.