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Solar Installations:

Re-Energy creates solutions for many real world applications that can utilize power generated from solar energy. These applications are of different scales in implementation and are very commonplace, which in a normal course, would depend on fuel based or grid energy to function.

At the company, we make solar power generation modules that converts solar energy into electrical energy for which, solar panels are installed and batteries are used to store the the energy produced. Solar fencing is one of the utilities based on the solar power generation, which is practically a electrically charged fencing system, to fend off intruders. Households are increasingly taking advantage of our solar water heaters that uses solar energy to heat up water, rendering a cost effective solution in the process.

provide electrification modules for villages by utilizing solar power. The solution is highly beneficial to rural areas who are at a disadvantage in procuring conventional grid-based electricity. Our solar energy modules for power generation through solar PV modules, is running mechanisms for farming and irrigation in villages, promoting what is called “Solar Agriculture”.

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    At the base

    We also Solar energy utilization has been a strong consideration for quite sometime now and there has been a general positive outlook towards implementing solar energy modules in multiple areas of industrial and residential applications. We deliver solar panels that are of high-quality, passing on the confidence in the products that define economy in energy generation, with the benefit of cost effectiveness and nature friendliness, referred to by the phrase “Green Energy”.

    We are confidently and responsibly investing in this new-found virtue in large scale utilisation of solar energy and implementing it technologically in emancipating core areas of productive activity viz. agriculture, irrigation and industry. At the same time, we are bringing the utility of the technology to households too through implementations viz. solar water heating and solar power generation for running the electrical appliances at home.

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    Blending technology with nature

    Solar energy generation is the result of a technology that works to tap the vast energy that is available from the sun. In the array of nature-based energy generation systems, solar power generation scores high and is more widely applicable than other renewable power mechanisms viz. windmills. Many common-life applications presently use solar power directly or indirectly with the help of solar PV modules, the kind of which we provide and install for commercial, industrial and residential purposes. The savings factor is a prominent inspiration for adopting the kind of services in the realm of solar module technology as we provide.

    We help you procure, install and maintain solar-based modules, meant for industries, residences, villages and more. We are increasingly applying this amazingly simple technique of power generation, with standard equipments and paraphernalia installed to perform flawlessly for decades.

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    Serving the better future

    We are in effect promoting “green energy” generation and are enabling people to invest in harvesting solar power, freely available in nature, to run more and more appliances that are productive and even essential in the modern context. We are giving people the mechanisms that are going to serve the best for decades, generating and conserving electricity, generated from the sun. It may even be possible at times to give back electric power, to conventional grids, that is produced in excess from these renewable energy generators (viz. solar panels and PV modules).