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    Expert in Solar PV design, sourcing and installations

    A self-made professional with a Passion for solar PV field.

    • Ever eager to learn new developments and improve on existing practices.
    • Passion for designing innovative and affordable products & customization of Installations.
    • Having an National & International exposure & achieving few Awards like electrification of the remote villages by constructing Micro-grid.
    • A Journey which began in 1989 and the quest is still on to help transfer the extensive experience to serve the clients reach their objectives.


As a first-batch employee in Renewable Energy Systems (RES), Hyderabad (1989-1998):
Solar PV Power plant installations: Having been among the first batch of solar PV professionals in India, he has implemented many prestigious projects in this field like:
  • 1989: First-ever pilot Off-grid SPV project in India at Morabander (V)in Elephenta Island, Maharashtra . (4.7 KWp)
  • 1993: Village Electrification Program in Arunachal Pradesh (3.9 KWp off-grid system)
  • 1995: Partnership program with Madhya Pradesh Urja Vikas Nigam (4.9 KWp off-grid system near Raipur)
  • 1996: Captive Solar PV plant for Videocon company at Aurangabad (180 KWp off-grid)
  • 1997: Industrial solution for Visakhapatnam steel Plant (2.5 KWP off-grid)
  • 1998: First-ever grid connected SPV plant (250 KWp) for Steel Tubes of India at Devas near Indore. It was the then Asia’s biggest solar power plant.
Other SPV applications: Apart from Power plant installations, Executed works include:
  • 1990-91: Installation of 1000 Nos of solar street lights in Raipur, Bilaspur and Bastar areas of Madhya Pradesh (currently part of Chattisgarh state)
  • 1991: Awareness campaigns for solar pumps in the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.
  • 1991-1993: Installation of 200 Nos of solar pumpsets in Karnataka, Kerala and AP
  • 1994: 150 Nos Solar PV solutions for Railway Signaling Systems for North Frontier Railway from Katiyar (Bihar) to Lumping (Assam)
  • 1995: Installed 30 Home lighting systems in Nalgonda and Prakasam dt of AP through NEDCAP
  • 1995: Installation of 400 solar street lights in Jabalpur
  • 1996: Installation of 600 solar street lights for Videocon
As an independent SPV professional (1999-2009):
SPV installations:
  • 2001: Installation of 400 Wp power packs for West Bengal Police Department
  • 2002: Solar backup solutions for Cell phone towers in Andhra Pradesh
  • 2004-05: Erection of solar power fencing at various locations across AP
  • 2006-07: Installation of solar street lights and home lighting systems for NEDCAP
International Experience:
  • Installed 310 Nos of Power packs (ranging from 0.5 to 3 KWp each) across Mozambique on behalf of Angelic International, New Delhi
  • 2014 - Installation of 1.6 MW in Uganda, South Africa (Solar- Diesel Hybrid Design)
Product Development:
  • Designed and commercialized cost-effective solar lanterns and home lighting systems and sold across AP through dealers
  • Consulted with Nanobright Solar Technologies and Rishi Solar Systems based at Hyderabad in developing models of all solar PV applications like street lights, Home Lighting systems, power packs etc., & designing the marketing strategy for the organizations to commercialization of the products & enhancing their reach
As Head- SPV division at RenewAbility (from Sep 2010):
  • As full time Head of SPV division, he is responsible for developing proper systems and procedures for making RenewAbility a preferred installer in SPV space in India.
  • He is also responsible for developing affordable solar applications like home lighting systems and lanterns for rural India.
  • 100 kw installation at Gooty, GATES Engg. Collage
  • 10 kw x 4 BSNL cell tower Solar backup systems at North Eastern States.
  • 69 kw installed at Madurai, Tamailnadu
  • 20 kw off gird system installed at vidyaryana school, Hyderabad

ReEnegy has been started as a Expertize in providing complete solutions to various companies to impart the knowledge and experience who have diversified into the foray of the Solar Energy Solutions recently. Few of the companies like

  • M/s Natco Pharmaceuticals: who have recently set up a Solar Panel Assembly unit in Kottur, near Hyderabad has been done totally with our Technical guidance and supervision.
  • M/s Augni Solar: A first generation Solar Service Providing company which has recently bagged an order for installation of Solar Water Pump sets under the Tamilnadu Govt. Scheme.
  • M/s Premier Solar Photovolatic Systems : ReEnergy has played a lead role in helping the company execute various crucial projects under this company’s banner ranging from few MW Scale Projects in and around Hyderabad, Village Electrification Programs in the remote locations of India where in Solar was the only ray of hope for lighting & to a unique installation of providing Solar Power solution to an Island in Africa where in otherwise the source of electricity was only through DG sets by using Diesel, here the integration of the DG Set with solar was done to optimize the usage of solar generation during the day and during the evenings only the dependency on the DG set generation
  • M/s Aakshaya Solar: The first generation solar power company in the manufacturing segment with their manufacturing of panels and designing of various solar power projects bagged by them from KW systems (Rooftops) to MW Scale Projects
  • Apart from these also do help execute various orders through our team
Capacity Location Installed
50kw Installed at Thrive energy, Hyderabad
15kw Installed at Thrive energy, Chinthapally, Nalgonda
75kw Installed at Bhrampur, Gram vikas, Orrissa.
10kw Installed at Chintapally Region, Vishkapatnam
4kw Installed at Chintapally Region, Vishkapatnam
1kw Installed at mohinabad, R.R. Dist, Farm House
10 Kw Net metering system at Prashanti Nagar , HYD
7.5 Kw Net Metering system for a House
80 Kw Net Metering system at Warangal NPDCL office
40 Kw At Karimnagar for a School
2kw (2 x 188systems) 188 systems installed in North karnataka state
20 KW On Net Metering basis for an Hospital in Pragathi Nagar, Kukkatpally
4 MW Solar power plant installed at Jharkhand (Poly Crystalline)
3 MW Solar power plant Installed at Jharkhand (Thin film)
2.5 MW Pennar Industries , Near Sadasivapet, Telangana
0.5 MW Pennar Industries Campus., near Sadasivapet , Telangana
1.6 MW Uganda, South Africa (Solar- Diesel Hybrid Design)
3 MW Thin Film Technology for Usha Ventures at Paragi, RangaReddy Dist. Telangana
315 KW Aparna Group for their new projects at Nallagandla
25 KW Nandyal for a SowJanya Motors, in AP
Solar Fencing About 8 clients for solar fencing at various locations
100 KW Natco Pharmaceuticals, near Kottur, Telangana
2100 KW Systems for Vignan Engg & Pharma College at Abdullapurmet, Telangana