ReEnergy Infra Private Limited

About Us

He humble beginning since 1998 being the first batch of professionals, in the execution of many prestigious projects from than on like the first ever pilot-grid SPV project at Elephenta Island in Maharastra, Village electrification program in Arunachal Pradesh and so on and have been a part of the team in creating awareness programs on solar energy for various Government aided programs.


ReEnergy Infra Pvt. Ltd. is complete solar solutions and Installation Company in Andhra Pradesh, Maintaining by Mr. A.V Ramalingeswara rao and he is the first batch of solar PV professionals in India. ReEnergy Infra Pvt. Ltd., is full service, sales and Installation Company with experience in all aspects of solar technology for On-Grid, Off-Grid power plants, Agriculture based power systems, Domestic power systems, Home based and street lighting systems for both residential and commercial applications. ReEnergy Infra Pvt. Ltd. Is committed to each customer to quality installations and to making going solar an effortless experience. Since our business is built on happy customers who are eager to refer their friends and family, it's in our best interest to provide exceptional customer satisfaction and service in every aspect of installation. We are dedicated to making sure that quality is built into everything we do and that our customers always receive the best products and service keeping them informed every step of the way.

Best Solar Project

We can with humbleness claim that the best possible customization to suite to the client requirement with optimization of the available resources is our strength. We have few credentials both at the National and International Level Awards to our credit.